Application for all tours is first come first serve basis.


Maximum number of applicants allowed per tours is 35. 




Korean History Tour

Cheongju National Museum

2019.01.15 14:00

Cheongju National Museum, which opened on October 30, 1987, is dedicated to surveying, studying, exhibiting, and educating the public about the unique cultural heritage of Chungcheongbuk-do.

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Application fee : 35 USD




Korean Educational Tour

KNUE Educational Museum

2019.01.16 16:40


Application fee : free



Korean Technology Tour

HYUNDAI Motor Company (Asan Plant)

2019.01.17 13:40

Technical Innovations

We lead the future of mobility by analyzing the innovation trends of the future and engaging in technical R&D

Application fee : 50USD





Korean Cultural Tour

Beopjusa Templestay

2019.01.18 14:00 ~ 2019.01.19 (1Night 2Day)

Beopjusa in Mt.Songni is a temple with a long history that was founded by the Spiritual Patriarch Euisin in 533 A.D. As the No. 1 Buddhist temple in the Chuncheong-do region, it keeps numerous cultural assets and upholds the Buddhist tradition.

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Application fee : 100 USD


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